Serious security flaws on iPhone and iPad

apple iphone
apple iphone

Almost all the important work in the corona epidemic is going on online around the world. And using that opportunity, hacker groups spread all over the world are carrying out violence. The latest version of Apple’s iPhone and iPad has security flaws, according to Forex company Jackups, which works to protect mobile customers. The San Francisco-based company in the United States has revealed security flaws in the iPhone based on evidence of a customer who was the victim of a cyber attack last year. According to the company’s chief executive, the hackers carried out the attack using the weakness of at least six break-in points. He added that by using these points, hackers have hijacked the data of millions of people around the world, especially high profile customers. While not commenting on the matter, a spokesman for Apple acknowledged the error in the mail application used to receive and deliver e-mail messages on the iPhone and iPad. However, he said that the solution to this security flaw is coming soon in the new version.

According to Reuters, hackers have been exploiting vulnerabilities in the iOS operating system since 2016, crashing or resetting applications via blank email messages to steal iPhone subscribers’ personal information, photos and contact numbers. Jackups says that it is possible to steal phone data even if the customer does not open the email without the knowledge of the customer through such spam e-mail. Once the email is opened, the sender of the email will get a completely remote access to the phone. Outside the United States, many consumers in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Germany have been the victims of such cyber attacks on iPhones or iPads. According to cybersecurity analysts around the world, the analysis, including the evidence of jackups, is frightening and logical enough. However, they are hopeful that the new version of Apple’s system software will fix this error.


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