IPhone without charger is coming?

IPhone without charger is coming?
IPhone without charger is coming?

Apple’s upcoming iPhones don’t usually have chargers and airbuds in the iPhone box. According to technology analyst Ming-Chu-Kuo, Apple is going to cut off the supply of power adapters and airpods in the iPhone box this year. Also, the new model iPhone SE phone will not have a power adapter in the box. Well’s comments have been widely circulated in the media. According to Kuo, Apple’s effort is to keep the iPhone within the reach of consumers, excluding chargers and earbuds, as the inclusion of 5G technology increases the cost of smartphones. In addition, if the iPhone is supplied in a small box, the transportation cost will be reduced and it will be environmentally friendly. Note that currently any Apple iPhone comes with a 5 watt / 18 watt USB adapter and AirPods.

Apple’s chief executive Tim Cook spoke at the Apple Developers Conference, Apple’s biggest annual conference recently, about the goal of a number of new additions and innovations. The conference also announced Apple’s own ARM chip. However, without the announcement of the elimination of the charger or Airbud, the idea of ​​technology analysts to make the iPhone within reach of Apple may do so. According to customers, everyone can have two or one Apple charger in their home, in which case no one would want to spend for an additional charger with the iPhone. Again, many customers say that if there is no charger in the iPhone box, the USB C type charger port should be connected to the iPhone. On the other hand, many are speculating that Apple’s newly built 20-watt fast charger may be connected to the upcoming iPad.


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