The first smartphone with a powerful 3 nanometer chip will be ‘iPhone 14’

iPhone 14
iPhone 14

In 2021, Apple has allocated about 80 percent of TSMC’s 5 nanometer chip production for itself. The 5-nanometer chip is one of the most advanced chips ever made, and is capable of accommodating 11.8 billion transistors in Apple’s A14 bionic chipset.

The A13 bionic SOC has 8.5 billion transistors in the 7-nanometer process. A14 Bionic is more advanced and energy saving than A13 Bionic. The latest chip has been used in iPhone 12 FiveG phone.

According to Apple Insider, when TSMC starts the process of producing 3 nanometer chips, Apple will make as many chips as possible. Apple has already ordered a 3 nanometer chip for the A and M series chipsets.

According to sources, from the beginning of 2022, TSMC will go into mass production of 3 nanometer chip. The chip will also be made experimentally in the second half of next year. As a result, in 2022, Apple’s iPhone 14 may be unveiled with 3 nanometer A16 bionic chipset.

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