Huawei case against Canadian authorities


Major Wenzhou, Chief Financial Officer of Huawei, a large telecom company in China, has sued Canadian authorities. He filed the case after accusing him of undermining his constitutional rights during the arrest of Vunkuub. On Sunday, his lawyers said this.
Attorney Habard Mickelson and attorney Allan Doolittle said in a statement that the detention of the constitutional rights was severely violated by the detention at the International Airport on December 13. Newspaper agency AFP (Huawei)
When the 47-year-old woman arrived in Vancouver to change the plane, the Canadian authorities arrested her at Washington’s request. He was arrested because he has violated the United States sanctions on Iran. As a back-up to this incident, China arrested several Canadian citizens in the country. His lawyers have brought charges against the Canadian government for unconstitutional and unlawful interrogation. Custom officials interrogate Meank for three hours. (Huawei)
The apology was filed on Friday. The same day, Canada’s judicial department officially Huawei started the process of handing over to Meen Wenzhou. Mein Wenzhu denied all the charges brought against her. The Chinese government has said that the United States has done this for political purpose, condemning its arrest.


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