Google is bringing Apple’s AirDrop rival

Google is bringing Apple's AirDrop rival
Google is bringing Apple's AirDrop rival

Apple has AirDrop feature for sharing photos, videos and files of different formats between two smartphones located at certain distances. This service is provided to the customers on Android phones by various third party software like ShareIt. However, the software has been accused of stealing customers’ personal information, annoying ads and secretly sharing files. So Google has decided to add a new file sharing feature to the world’s most used operating system Android. Since Android does not have this feature, companies like Samsung, Realmy and Xiaomi have been using their own file sharing technology on their smartphones. Google’s near-by technology will work on all Android smartphones, so technology analysts see it as a wise decision by Google.

Google says it is testing a beta version of the Near-Buy share feature, and will be able to provide more details in the near future. Google also said that the Nearby Share feature will be launched for Android 6 and later. In this technology, files can be shared at a specified distance using the wireless technology of the smartphone. According to various online news outlets, adequate measures have also been taken to prevent file sharing from unfamiliar customers without permission. This feature may be added to the next version of Android.


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