Hundreds of Apple stores are finally opening!

Hundreds of Apple stores are finally opening!

Almost all Apple stores around the world were closed for almost two months due to the ongoing lockdown around the world due to the Corona epidemic. One of the world’s largest technology companies has suffered huge financial losses due to the closure of factories and sales and after-sales service centers due to coronary infections and health risks to customers and workers. The lockdown is being relaxed in the United States, Europe and various provinces of China as the situation in Corona has become somewhat normal. And so Apple has decided to turn around in this fragile situation of the world economy. The company will soon open more than 100 outlets in the United States, China and various European countries. Apple has more than 500 official outlets or Apple stores in 25 countries around the world.

In the Corona epidemic, school-college, office-court, everything is dependent on online. And in this lockdown, many people were worried about the problem of Apple iPhone, iPad or Mac. Many have complained of not getting the desired service as the Apple Store is closed. However, this time Apple customers have been relieved by the news of the re-launch of the Apple Store. Apple has taken adequate precautionary measures to avoid health risks to customers and employees. Stores are instructed to maintain social distance, control public gatherings, wear masks and check body temperature, and stock up on the necessary regular disinfection materials. When contacted, Deidre O’Brien, Apple’s head of business, said: “We are committed to opening stores only if we are confident of a safe environment.” Apple will overcome.


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