Using its own chip, Apple saves two and a half-billion dollars a year!

apple chip
apple chip
Adding the M1 chip to the MacBook will save Apple a huge amount of money every year. This year alone, the amount saved is about two and a half-billion dollars. Sumit Gupta, the chief researcher at IBM’s artificial intelligence division, recently made such a comment. Nine to Five Mac, a technology blog, has published a detailed report on his research.
Using the ARM-based M1 processor instead of the Intel processor on the MacBook will reduce the cost per processor by 150 per unit,” the report said. In this case, Apple’s annual target will be to save 2.5 billion on the production of 5.4 million MacBooks. ” Analysts say that using its own chip will save Apple money, but it will require a lot more investment in the company’s research and development department. Apple has already announced that its self-invented M1 chip is more efficient, economical and consumes less energy than the previously used Intel chip. The new chip Apple MacBook Air is already available in the world market for 999. And a special discount for students is only 899 dollar


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