The new Android 11 features so far

android 11
The new Android 11 features

The new Android 11 features is here

Google usually releases a trial version of a new Android version sometime in March. However, for the first time this year, the developer version of Android 11 was released for Pixel phones. This year’s Android version focuses primarily on developer-centric system upgrades and security without changing any major user interfaces. It is now known as Android 11, and it is also known as “Android R” version. However, Android has a different codename that is restricted to Google engineers only in accordance with Google’s latest policy. Initially, this developer version of Android was seen running on Google Pixel phones.

Among the changes coming to the new Android are its combination of 5G bandwidth, compatibility with foldable phones, reduced battery consumption in gaming video streaming, Google’s new neural network APIs and more. According to Google, there is a specific section on the notification shade for social media on Android 11. In addition, Google will place the app at the top of the notification shade if the person is talking to someone else with an app. Notifications can now be replicated with pictures. In addition, Google is bringing back the chat bubble messaging feature in this version. Session arrangements have been added to increase security for location shares. That means that every time from now onwards users will have to use location information with permission from users.

Android 11 will also have many new security updates. One of which is the preservation of any type of information such as biometric security and support security, such as a driving license. This information is now known about Android 11. But this is not the end here. There may be some more changes before they are open to the public. So those who have a Pixel phone can manually use the developer update by flashing the OS.


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