Android 10 on ten crore phones in just five months

Android 10 on ten crore phones in five months
Android 10 on ten crore phones in five months

Google’s Android 10 has recently surpassed all previous versions. After its official launch in September 2019, more than 100 million subscribers are using Android 10 in just 5 months. Google says that after the release of Android 10 version, the rate of customer appreciation so fast is much higher than all other Android versions. Google also said that this rate is 28 percent higher than the previous Android 9.0 or Pi version. The American tech giant is the result of the hard work of this organization over the last decade. However, Google has not specified the percentage of Android users worldwide who currently use Android 10 version.

Data analysis shows that up to the latest version, about 23 percent of Android users have used the PI version. On the other hand, 81 percent of smartphone users from Apple, Google’s biggest rival, are using their latest operating system version iOS 13. Google’s customers are reluctant to accept the latest version of Android due to delays by smartphone makers, poor hardware and customer reluctance. However, overcoming these obstacles, Google’s executives are satisfied that Android 10, which has the highest protection of customers and all the fancy features, will soon get customer respect. The next Android version of the world’s most used operating system, Android 11, may be released by the end of this year, according to Google, the owner of Android.


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